I love DIY projects – a Sunday well spent

  I love to shop and i love babywearing. I recently discovered the joys of DIY and honestly, while the products in the market are absolutely gorgeous, there is a different kind of… Continue reading

And this is how shopping is done…

   No kid ever enjoys being dragged into a store to buy groceries or veggies. So how do you turn shopping into a stress free, fun outing? You babywear! No worry of your… Continue reading

A project a day, keeps the growliness away

I started knitting on a holiday when i was bored just lazying around and thought i should learn something new. When i picked up those knitting needles and the yarn, i never thought… Continue reading

A post dedicated to all my judge-me-nots

Everyone judges. It is the eternal truth of life. I do too so why should i expect others not to? But this post of mine is dedicated to all those virtual friends i… Continue reading

A few of my favourite things…

  If you are like me and have this obsessive compulsive need to be in control all the time, then you will empathise with me on this! Yes, I often feel that no matter… Continue reading

It is ok to feel blah, as long as you don’t stay there forever

I quit my job to take care of my child. It was a decision that didn’t take much thinking. After the little fellow came into our lives, days and nights were a blur.… Continue reading

Travelling with a baby or toddler

We love to travel. Thankfully, after our son arrived, nothing much changed for us. We stepped out for our first vacation when he was just about 2 months old and we haven’t looked… Continue reading

Babywearing – a topic close to my heart

Babywearing is a concept followed from centuries and beyond. It is only now that it is getting popular amongst the young population.  Ergonomic carriers were almost non existent in the Indian market till… Continue reading

Car seat is not just an accessory, it is a necessity

   You use a car seat for you son? Not bad! Doesn’t he cry when you put him in it? My child refused to sit in it right from day 1. He/she would… Continue reading

Truth about dogs and babies

  We are often questioned about life with a dog and a baby. Our dog, Hazel, who incidentally turns 3 today came into our lives even before we thought of having a baby.… Continue reading

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