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As a new mom, did you ever feel like you wanted to hide under your covers because opening your eyes and facing the world was too exhausting? Did you feel so overwhelmed with… Continue reading

Being mature about toy purchases, or at least trying to be – part 1

When my first one was born, I was excited about everything. Post partum highs and lows sent me on tough to turn back, instant gratification shopping sprees. All the late night nursing sessions… Continue reading

Breastfeeding in a carrier – the why, how and all in between

I was recently asked to write an article for the Bangalore Birth Network on breastfeeding in a carrier. Posting the same here in the hope to reach more mums who might benefit from… Continue reading

A Balance Bike – Good or Bad?

  Quite a few caregivers who have seen us use the Balance Bike have asked us if it is really worth investing in. After all, it doesn’t have pedals, what use will it… Continue reading

Toddler and the new baby

When we found out we were having another baby, my biggest fear was how my toddler would react to the new arrival. His life will change and he would have to learn to… Continue reading

Review: LennyLamb Broken Twill Wrap

About the wrap : This is a Lenny Lamb, Rainbow Sunset wrap in 100% cotton. I am petite and wanted to try a size 5 so here it is! When I had the… Continue reading

Baby wearing safety

Originally posted on Babywearing Stuff – India's first Baby Carriers estore:
So you have decided you want to embark on the beautiful journey of baby wearing and you have found a type of carrier that…

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