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Travel post – our experience at Cherai Beach – Les 3 Elephants

Whenever we are travelling to a new place, I am always weary if the place will be kid friendly or not. I have accepted that my kids will not sit in one place,… Continue reading

It is ok to feel blah, as long as you don’t stay there forever

I quit my job to take care of my child. It was a decision that didn’t take much thinking. After the little fellow came into our lives, days and nights were a blur.… Continue reading

Travelling with a baby or toddler

We love to travel. Thankfully, after our son arrived, nothing much changed for us. We stepped out for our first vacation when he was just about 2 months old and we haven’t looked… Continue reading

Car seat is not just an accessory, it is a necessity

   You use a car seat for you son? Not bad! Doesn’t he cry when you put him in it? My child refused to sit in it right from day 1. He/she would… Continue reading

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