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As a new mom, did you ever feel like you wanted to hide under your covers because opening your eyes and facing the world was too exhausting? Did you feel so overwhelmed with… Continue reading

Travel post – our experience at Cherai Beach – Les 3 Elephants

Whenever we are travelling to a new place, I am always weary if the place will be kid friendly or not. I have accepted that my kids will not sit in one place,… Continue reading

Some days, all you need is a hug and a gallon of coffee…

Yesterday was a tiring day. No, let me correct my sentence. Yesterday was an exhausting day. From the moment I woke up, I knew its going to be a tough day. Nothing seemed… Continue reading

Being mature about toy purchases, or at least trying to be – part 1

When my first one was born, I was excited about everything. Post partum highs and lows sent me on tough to turn back, instant gratification shopping sprees. All the late night nursing sessions… Continue reading

Cloth diapering – the question of should we, shouldn’t we.

With my first born, we used the traditional langots when he was born but beyond a point, him getting disturbed because of constant nappy changes led us to go down the disposable diapers… Continue reading

The joy of reading – how soon is too soon?

Friends have often asked me how soon did I introduce books to Siddharth. We used to read him books and tell stories from when he was about 2 months old. Back then, I… Continue reading

The things nobody tells a mom-to-be (Part 1 – Breastfeeding )

I still have fresh memories of how I was just before my first baby was born. I had watched scenes in movies of women giving birth and screaming in pain and I had… Continue reading

YOU are Important too

As a parent, you find yourself often caught up in simply trying to keep your head above water and your kid/kids fed, bathed and healthy. It is very easy to forget about yourself… Continue reading

And this is how shopping is done…

   No kid ever enjoys being dragged into a store to buy groceries or veggies. So how do you turn shopping into a stress free, fun outing? You babywear! No worry of your… Continue reading

A project a day, keeps the growliness away

I started knitting on a holiday when i was bored just lazying around and thought i should learn something new. When i picked up those knitting needles and the yarn, i never thought… Continue reading

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