Some days, all you need is a hug and a gallon of coffee…


Yesterday was a tiring day. No, let me correct my sentence. Yesterday was an exhausting day. From the moment I woke up, I knew its going to be a tough day. Nothing seemed to be going as it should have. To add to my stress, our house help was on leave too. So I rolled up my sleeves and decided to face the day head first, horns sharpened and all set to attack!

By noon I felt I had accomplished quite a bit and I was mighty proud of myself. I even managed to convince myself the worst part was over and the rest of my day would go peaceful and quiet. Until my son came home from school and was upset and cranky and stubborn and in one of his moods. Nothing I tried to do cheered him up or helped snap him out of his mood.

By evening both boys had teamed up and did everything I told them not to do. Jumping on the bed to screaming, no, screeching at the top of their voices. Playing with the noisiest of toys and making a huge mess all over the house with anything and everything they could pull out!

When my husband got home, despite the fact that he too looked exhausted, I told him I am dead tired today. More tired than I have been in a long time. He, in his usual way, just nodded his head. I waited for some words of sympathy or praise. Nothing. After about half an hour I again told him how tired I was today, this time with a little emphasis on the amount of work I had done and how our elder son was disturbed/cranky since he got home. My husband looked up and said hmmm. I waited till dinner was over and determined to get some words of sympathy out of him, I told him YET AGAIN, how tiring the day had been for me. In response, he quietly got up, got the kids ready for bed while I got into my bed with my phone to sulk and feel annoyed. Why was it so difficult for him to just acknowledge the fact that I needed some sympathy? I was so annoyed that I, in turn, refused to acknowledge his efforts to help me out and show me he understood how tough the day had been for me!

I often think to myself, if I was working in the outside world, my hard work would be acknowledged, my flaws would be pointed out. I often feel I have lost purpose in the things I do. It is too mundane to talk about. Yes, the kids will always be naughty. Yes the laundry will have to be done regularly. The house will need to be cleaned. What is so great in that, eh? A housewife, or a stay-at-home mom is expected to do all this and then on top of that the world often makes her feel like she is the lucky one to just sit at home and relax all day, no work pressures, no deadlines, nothing.

Of course this lifestyle is a choice I made and I couldn’t be happier! The reward is to enjoy seeing my kids grow. Be there for them. While my husband supports my decisions in his own ways, I sometimes wish a stay-at-home mom had appraisals too. Was praised for all the hard work she puts in day and night for her family. Just like those who work outside are praised! And if that is not possible, then maybe just a hug and a gallon of coffee to show her, her efforts are appreciated in keeping the household sane!