Bumpadum products – our experience and review


I came across this brand while I was researching cloth diapers for my then, soon to be born second monkey. I had used various Chinese made brands on my first born but wanted to look at newer options available in the market. When I found out that Bumpadum was ‘Made in India’ I got very curious and started researching their products and reviews by fellow cloth diapering moms. I remember meeting the owner, Anuradha at an exhibition and instead of selling her products to me then (I was very enthusiastic to buy everything she had right away!), she told me to wait for the soon to be released Neo cloth diapers. For a vendor who had a customer right there wanting to buy the products, I thought it was very honest and fair of her to ask me to wait a bit. My first interaction was a pleasant one, and as a customer that plays an important role in the long run, the people I buy my products from!

Coming to the products I purchased from her website in the coming months – her website is very easy to navigate. All information is available and the description of all products is clear, concise and self explanatory, even for a newbie starting out on their cloth diapering journey. Her delivery, at least within Bangalore, is super quick, which is great because I hate waiting for products to reach me once I have placed an order! The box is a simple, no nonsense packaging, in no way giving a hint of what lies inside. I still get excited opening their boxes each time and seeing the eco friendly, neatly wrapped diapers in their valour cotton wipes and the gorgeous ‘bumpadum’ ribbon!

We have used the Aviva and Duet diapers apart from the Neo ones and let me start with my experience with the Aviva diapers.

We started using the Aviva diapers when my baby was 5 months old and around 5.5 kgs. At 8 months we are still using it at the lowest rise setting and it fits like a dream. This diaper reached its optimum absorbency level after about 4 washes and we can easily go upto 4 – 5 hours in the day time without any leaks or stinks or rashes. I like the long insert which makes it customisable to use with my son for maximum absorbency. The side snaps give a clean look and also make putting on diapers a marginally easier task with my baby who wants to crawl away at the slightest chance! The elastics are soft yet firm keeping in runny poop without any messy leaks onto clothes. Drying these diapers does take a little bit long, but totally worth the effort when it goes on the bum! I love how trip the Aviva diapers are and how they fit perfectly under onsies and pyjamas/pants even for outings. This also makes it comfortable for the baby.


Coming to the Duet diapers, we use it with the daytime/ infant inserts and we love the stay dry micro fleece lining which makes it a great option for night time diapering. Like the Aviva, this diaper was prepped after just a couple of washes and we can easily go through about 8 – 9 hours in the night without leaks. This is great for my medium- heavy wetter and we couldn’t be happier with this find! This diaper is marginally bulky as compared to the Aviva when used with the 2 inserts but nothing to complain about when keeping in mind its comfort on the baby’s skin. Surprisingly for the layers, it dries quicker than I had expected it to.

The cherry on the top is the clutch bags sold by this brand in prints matching the diapers! We love that it is 100% waterproof and roomy enough to hold plenty of knick knacks. We own a couple of these clutches and I use them for storing one time diapers and outfit changes for my baby which is great because i can dump the dirty clothes right back into it and move on for the day! We use our clutch bags not just for baby stuff but for organising and carry a whole range of stuff – from my preschoolers snacks to toys to random stuff which always tends to get lost in my big mommy bag! The stitching quality and the zips used are absolutely great and at times,for short outings, I just carry a clutch filled with essentials making it an easy option while baby wearing and managing 2 kids!

All in all, I am proud that we now have such international quality products locally made and available in India at an affordable price! The thought and effort that goes into selecting each print and making these products shows in the quality and gives out a subtle look of class. Now who can resist such cuteness and style all packaged into one, huh? You can visit their website http://www.bumpadum.com to buy their products.

*** This review is not sponsored by the company or anyone. These are purely our views and experiences after using the products***