The joy of reading – how soon is too soon?

Friends have often asked me how soon did I introduce books to Siddharth. We used to read him books and tell stories from when he was about 2 months old. Back then, I didn’t know cloth books existed, but when I did learn about them, I went crazy buying a whole bunch for him! We loved the bright colours, the crinkly and squeaky sounds the pages made and the fact that he could chew on them all he wanted.

I truely believe his love for reading goes back to those very early months when he was introduced to books. Now he loves to be read to and knows quite a few stories by heart. Very often, we find him reading some of his favourite books by himself too. He gets very excited when he gets some new ones and going to a book store is an absolute joy!

Now, not to be left behind, his little brother started even earlier. Right from his first few days since birth, we have been reading to Siddharth with him around. The little one listens intently and coos in delight when siddharth laughs. With him, I I keep a cloth book around for tummy time and now he even manages to turn pages and look at the colours on them, the fabrics in touch and feel books as well as those that make sounds too. I am sure he will be more enthusiastic with reading thanks to his big brother. 

We are lucky to have quite a few mompreuners who sell new and preloved books online so one doesn’t really have to step out and look for the best books at best deals for your kids. Just a little bit of research and you will know where to find treasures your kids will cherish for life! A happy reader is a happy human is what I believe in and I hope my kids continue to enjoy and nurture their love for books and don’t get lost in the digital world as the years pass by!