Soul AnoonA Review

We had the pleasure of hosting this carrier for a week and we were blown away by the thought and planning gone into creating this one!

I have used 3 styles of full buckles with my infant right from when he was a month old (at 3.2 kgs)

– full buckle with a built in insert

– Full buckle with a cushion seat kind of insert 

– AnoonA

While all 3 kinds worked fine, I found the AnoonA to be the most comfortable for multiple reasons – 

– Once the seat was adjusted to the smallest setting, I could just put my baby in, buckle the carrier and be off while with the others, it was more time consuming and my baby used to get restless by the time I got all adjustments made. Also I found the AnoonA seat to be the sturdiest because it was most structured. 

– The cross straps helped me get a very snug fit. I did have the cross strap feature in the Manduca but the inbuilt insert there made me give it a back seat over this one.

– The fabric is very light and breathable while being sturdy and mouldable at the same time. We used this carrier in around 39 degrees Celsius and my usually cranky baby slept in it without a fuss.

Coming to its other features – the pocket is placed well and I could put my cellphone and a tiny napkin in it without making it bulky and uncomfortable.
The detachable hood was great because I just took it off while wearing my infant and snapped it on quickly when I wore my 3 year old in it. 

The seat adjustment is quick and easy to switch between an infant and a toddler/preschooler who needs it at the largest setting. So easy that my husband managed it on his own and he likes no fuss carriers!
Coming to my preschooler (3.2 year old) who is on the smaller side at 12 kgs and 93 cms tall, it worked well in a front carry for a short while and very well in a back carry. It wasn’t knee to knee but neither him nor we complained about the comfort. A big plus for me is the fact that a single carrier could work for both my kids. It is a great investment for someone who wants to buy just a single carrier that will last from new born to toddler stage. 
A big winner was the price they are releasing the carrier at. I expected this one to be expensive since it has so many features included which I am curious to try – front facing outward as well as a hip carry! 
Did I mention how small it folds up to fit into even a small bag? That is another plus point because I hate having to carry a separate bag just for a carrier! So all in all, I would give a big thumbs up to this one. A lot of thought has gone into it, a lot of research, hard work and sweat for sure. It definitely shows love and customer satisfaction guarantee in every small detail included. 
Eagerly looking forward to its release and how everyone reacts to this all in one package!! 

*** These are my personal views after using this carrier extensively and this review is in no way sponsored by the company ***