Products by Zoey – Review

This wonderful store stole my heart the minute I logged onto their Facebook page. As a kid I loved stuffed toys and I would ask my parents to buy me a new one for every occasion. All my stuffed animals used to sleep with me and every night, bedtime was a fight with my sister because I would line up all my animals on my side of the bed, tuck them all in and then crawl to my sisters side to sleep since I had no place left for myself! They were my ‘babies’ while I was growing up.

Fast forward to present life – I have 2 boys and I keep buying stuffed toys for them! When I was pregnant with the second one, I wanted to buy a doll for my toddler to prepare him for the arrival of his sibling. Asking around for references, I landed up on the Zoey page and I was sold the minute I saw the products. I had to curb my excitement and order just 2 – telling myself I need to be sure about their quality. And boy, was I impressed! Their quality is great for the price they charge. All toys are sourced from a company that exports them and the designs are oh so adorable. Over time we have added a few more animals to our collection and my toddler loves them all. His giraffe, unicorn, dragon and now our latest purchase, his quilt which is soft and fluffy and cute!

What I like about the products, apart from the quality and price is the customer service. They are patient to answer all questions, respond to messaged immediately (which for me is a major plus point while making a purchase) and in general, the owner is a very pleasant person to interact with. Products are shipped right away so the wait is not too long and they arrive well packed and just like the pictures posted on their page. No disappointment, so double yay!

I would highly recommend these products to all of you, irrespective of  having kids or not. If like me, you love toys too, this place is just for you! 

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Happy shopping!

*** This post is in no way sponsored. These are my views on the products purchased by me for my personal use ***