YOU are Important too

As a parent, you find yourself often caught up in simply trying to keep your head above water and your kid/kids fed, bathed and healthy. It is very easy to forget about yourself in the daily routine. What it leads to? A build up of emotions and then a small incidence and the dam bursts. Negative feelings start pouring out, exhaustion hits and life begins to feel like it’s falling apart.

What has helped me cope with my responsibilities and keep me sane is taking out some time for myself atleast a few times a week. That does not mean staying up after the kids sleep because we all know how it can be impossible at times to keep our eyes open even as long as it takes them to fall asleep! 

It means asking for help when needed or graciously accepting help when someone offers it to you. 

With one kid, I always said- my child, my responsibility. I would feel guilty sending him to his grandparents house even for a few hours because what am I around for if not to take care of my child. Soon after my second one came along, I realised it was better to take help when needed than break down trying to be a super woman and a super mom. I am learning to accept i can’t do all and not feeling ashamed about it. I am learning to accept that it is OK to let the house be a mess once in a while and just sitting and sipping a cup of coffee and reading a book while the kids sleep. 

I am learning that I am important too. That what I want is important too. This realisation has helped me be a better mom and a better wife too, I think! So go ahead, do what makes you happy and see how it changes how you look at life 🙂