Toddler and the new baby

When we found out we were having another baby, my biggest fear was how my toddler would react to the new arrival. His life will change and he would have to learn to share his world. Thankfully we had nine months to preare ourseves and him for the major change soon to take place.

I had severe morning sickness almost through the nine months and he would see me rush to throw up a meal. At first he was worried so we sat him down and explained how there was a little baby inside mummas tummy. Slowly as I began to show, thanks to a book gifted by a friend we started reading to him. We took him with us to the doctor and told him he could see his baby brother or sister on the tv screen there. It helped build the excitement and every visit was followed by questions one to a dozen.

As the arrival came closer, we started telling him stories about how much fun he would have soon. We got him a doll and told him that is his baby and he immediately took to taking care of the doll. We repeatedly explained to him that when the baby comes out, mumma and dadda would have to go to the hospital. He would have to stay with his grandfather for a night or two and how he would soon be such a loving big brother.

The big day arrived and overnight my baby became a big boy. Didn’t cry when we left him and went to the hospital. Was excited to meet his brother and has since, overcome his insecurities. Every now and then he holds on to his baby, his doll and sings her to sleep telling us he is taking care of her. His love for his brother grows each day and all my fears disappear into dust. 

So if you are worried about how your toddler will react to a new member, well, all I can suggest is, be as natural and honest as possible and leave the rest. They are capable of understanding a lot more than we give them credit for!