Review: Jacquard Cotton Wrap – Soul Slings


When Soul team contacted me asking if i would like to test their new range of wraps, i was thrilled and couldn’t refuse the offer. Having tried their previous range of wraps, i was even more curious and excited to try this new line. What was sent to me was this gorgeous black Maze wrap in a size 4, the first from their new collection of thicker, squishier wraps and true to its description, my first impression was, it sure is much cushier than their previous wraps. Not that i had any complaints against those either!

A little information on these wraps:

These are 100% jacquard woven cotton with a GSM of 280 g/m2. The maximum weight recommendation as per the manufacturer is 25kgs which proves that these are awesomely sturdy wraps perfect from new born to toddlerhood. They come in all sizes. YES! How awesome is that! Something for everyone is what we love, don’t we 🙂

This wrap was extremely soft right out of the box. Something which gets a thumbs up from me. I am lazy and I hate having to break in wraps. It is so much more fun when you can wrap as soon as the box arrives and that is exactly what we did!

First impression after wrapping, it was soft, even more gorgeous once wrapped, easy to tie and weight was comfortably distributed. It made my 10kg toddler feel weightless on my back. A short walk to the store and back and the wrap was still in place. No slips, no loose knot considering how much my toddler wriggles and jumps around when worn. Goes to show how sturdy it is despite being so soft.

We tried a couple of quick carries in the time that this wrap stayed with us and our love for the wrap is immense. Unfortunately when it was time to bid farewell to it, like always, we were sad that we didn’t get a chance to play with it enough! I am pacifying myself saying may be it is a sign to invest in one for ourselves which in all probability we will! This one is such a hard to resist design and a hit with the husband too who is an ardent lover of black!

So if you are looking for a permastash in black, this one is a keeper. It is not too expensive and i would say, a great value for money. You can buy this and more from their great collection of carriers and accessories at

Disclaimer: this review is in no way paid by or sponsored by the company or any one else. These are my personal thoughts on the tester sent to us.