Review: LennyLamb Broken Twill Wrap



About the wrap : This is a Lenny Lamb, Rainbow Sunset wrap in 100% cotton. I am petite and wanted to try a size 5 so here it is!

When I had the opportunity to order a Lenny Lamb wrap, I was thrilled and immediately logged on to their website to see what i liked. Till then, I had only tried some indian brands and a Little Frog. Unfortunately I sold my Little Frog without giving it its due justice. I wasn’t much into wrapping back then and found breaking in the wrap too much of an effort. Also, it was a size 3 and jumping right into shorty wraps wasn’t the best decision ever!

The Lenny Lamb website offers a range of options in various blends and each and every wrap is drool worthy. Since i hadn’t ever tried a wrap from Lenny Lamb and with my previous failure with the Little Frog, I decided to go for one of their cheaper options.

I had heard a lot of good things about a broken twill and was tempted to get one for myself. I pre ordered this wrap and had to wait almost a month till it reached me. What I expected was something similar to my Little Frog but I was pleasantly surprised, no shocked, when I saw what arrived. This gorgeous wrap was soft right out of the box. One wash and I was ready to try my hand at wrapping with it. Perfectly soft and easy to tighten the rails, tie knots.  This one is oh so soft that I would use it on a new born without a second thought!

It is a perfect wrap for beginners and the colours just add to the enthusiasm for wrapping.

Very breathable fabric, especially for a summer in india, this is a light, thin wrap at 220 gsm, yet very supportive with a 2 year old toddler.

For the price it comes at, this is a great value for money product for those who don’t want to splurge much on wraps. Though from experience, once you start, it is tough to stop buying and experimenting!

This is a great one time investment wrap which comes in various blends and price ranges. The options on their website are lovely and one just wishes you could buy all of the pretty ones available! If you are a beginner and are looking at options, I would highly recommend checking them out.

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with or paid by Lenny Lamb or anyone else to write this review. This is my personal opinion only.