My thoughts on the Soul Full Buckle (SFB)

My journey with Soul started more than a year ago, when they were only making ring slings. I was a big fan of their slings and invested in 2 kinds back then. Well, i will go into the details of the ring slings in another post but right now, here are my thoughts on their recently introduced full buckle or soft structured carriers!



For me, as a customer, there are a couple of points which are very important when it comes to buying any product, especially concerning my baby or babywearing. Quality and safety are a high priority and this carrier meets both beautifully. The buckles are sturdy and look to be of a great quality so cannot easily be opened which makes me feel very safe when my son is in it. But at the same time, i don’t find it a struggle while opening it like i do with my other carrier. The fact that it is tested and is safety certified is an added bonus.

The next part is the aesthetics, well if a carrier is beautiful, who wouldn’t get tempted to buy one or maybe even more? In the aesthetics section, Soul has outdone a lot of carriers i have seen. I love the simplicity and beauty combined together which brings out a lot of class in the product. For me, the look and feel of a carrier is very important. These full buckles are made of soft jacquard fabric, in beautiful colours and designs which are very eye catchy. The soft breathable fabric makes it perfect for hot and humid weather conditions. I find myself reaching out for it very often when we go for our walks since the fabric makes it very comfortable for my son as well as whoever is wearing him.

I like to consider myself petite. I have narrow shoulders and often find bulky straps uncomfortable in a carrier. They tend to either slip off, or feel extra heavy combined with the weight of my child. When i first tried this carrier at a meet, I was pleasantly surprised at how well the straps fit on my shoulder. They didn’t feel too big or slip off nor did the weight of my child cause any digging or pain. They are perfectly padded without giving a feel or look of being bulky. This was primarily the selling point for me since i have always struggled with the straps of my other carrier.

I also like how this carrier can be adjusted to give the perfect fit. The adjustable shoulder straps help in giving us a snug carry which clubbed with the fabric used, definitely adds to the comfort level. I am no longer feeding my son, but i can only imagine how convenient the PFAs would be to lower the carrier for feeding, which is an added bonus.

The safety instructions say that this carrier can be used from 7 – 18 kgs, so this would definitely be a good investment if you want to continue wearing your child for long. My son is almost 2 years old and he fits in it pretty well. I can imagine using this for a few more months atleast, before we think of moving on to their toddler version. The seat width and panel height are both generous and this definitely makes it a carrier worth investing in if you are not too keen on changing carriers frequently.

I have been using our SFB extensively for a month now and i am yet to find a major down side to it. The only bit that would have made it a 100% perfect carrier for me would be if i could adjust the waist and tighten it a wee bit more. I find it a little loose even on the tightest position, but then, the extra inch is just me being greedy! It doesn’t really affect the comfort or functionality of the carrier 🙂

And not to forget, it is a pleasure to receive a well packed, pretty carrier with a great instruction manual and a little bag to carry it in. I like how the soul team is always available to answer questions and make the customers babywearing journey a part of theirs. It is their small ways of making each person feel special which is the cherry on top for me!


If you want to know more, here is their website –


Happy Babywearing!

Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with or paid by this company to write this review. It is my personal opinion only.