I love DIY projects – a Sunday well spent


I love to shop and i love babywearing. I recently discovered the joys of DIY and honestly, while the products in the market are absolutely gorgeous, there is a different kind of pleasure in making something useable yourself. From choosing the right fabric to cutting and stitching it, i must say this project has been absolute fun!

Wraps come in various sizes. Anything from a towel to a table cloth to a saree can be used to wrap your baby or toddler. Today i made a size 3 wrap and i will share with you how i went about it.

First, start with selecting a sturdy cotton fabric that has no stitches or joints in it. Safety is the most important part in making or using a piece of cloth as a wrap. It should take the weight of your child and at the same time be breathable and comfortable for both, the baby and the person who will be wearing him. There are many tutorials and blogs that help in guiding you to select your base size and size of wrap required. A little bit of research and you will know what you need to do (unless you have tried on other wraps and already know what works for you!)

Next comes cutting the cloth to that size. The amount of fabric can be overwhelming for some. Especially someone like me who is not much into stitching. Make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, take a deep breath and lay out your fabric for measuring and cutting. This is the tricky part because you don’t really want to ruin the pretty fabric that you have already imagined being worn snug around you and your baby! The width of a normal wrap is around 30″ so that is how i kept this one too. The final length is 3.2 meters. Make sure, while cutting you keep an inch more in the width as well as the lenth as this will be folded and will go into the stitching.

Once the fabric cutting is out of the way, get ready to iron, iron, iron! This is the part that makes your next step easy so don’t skip it unless you are an expert at stitching. I spent the maximum time folding and ironing the edges, getting them ready to be stitched. Once this bit is done and you feel your arms might just fall off any minute, you move to the sewing machine for the fun part. Stitch along the edges. Once done, mark the centre and stitch either a small piece of cloth in another colour fabric or a pice of ribbon to mark the centre (which is frequently necessary when you wrap!) and voila, your wrap is ready.

You are ideally supposed to wash your fabric before you start stitching because these fabrics tend to shrink, but if you are like me and are lazy, just pop it into the washing machine once you are done with stitching and thats it! You got yourself a pretty wrap, in the fabric of your choice and with the joy of making yourself.

Happy stitching 🙂