A project a day, keeps the growliness away

I started knitting on a holiday when i was bored just lazying around and thought i should learn something new. When i picked up those knitting needles and the yarn, i never thought i would be so passionate about it someday. My first big project was an adult size blanket which i knit to keep me calm through some crazy days. I had no size in mind, i just knit and knit till i ran out of yarn and thats when i cut the tread and decided i was done. This played a big

This hobby turned into a passion over time. For me, there is nothing as comforting as holding my knitting needles and a ball of yarn in hand. I have to carry it with me every where i go, just incase i need to kill time and there is nothing else to do!

I would knit and make gifts for family and friends and the joy it gave me was immense. After i quit my job and started feeling blah, some friends encouraged me to take up knitting as a career and sell customised, personalised, hand knit products. I will always have a warm, special place for my first customer who helped me take a jump into this. Since that day, i have grown, i have learnt and i have spread a lot of warmth and joy with my work. I never dreamt all those years ago that i would finally find my calling in knitting.

So, for all of you who are scared to try, trust me, take the leap. It won’t break you, but only make you stronger and happier. And as i told myself, if nothing else, i would just have to move to a colder country to use up all the stuff i knit!

For anyone who is interested in seeing my work, do stop by my Facebook page and leave a word about what you think! Link is: The Owl Mama 🙂