Travelling with a baby or toddler

We love to travel. Thankfully, after our son arrived, nothing much changed for us. We stepped out for our first vacation when he was just about 2 months old and we haven’t looked back ever since! Car travels, flights, trains have all been tackled with in the last 2 years.

Here are a few tips we have learnt till date-

When planning for a holiday, make a list of things you would need. This list will change a bit depending on the weather, the destination and your purpose of travel. I find making lists always helpful. It reduces chances of forgetting important stuff at home.

Write down all the things you think you will need and then sleep over this list. Look at it again in the morning and try and see what things can be ticked off. As new parents travelling with our baby, we always ended up carrying more than we needed or even used on a daily basis at home. This always increased our luggage and in the end made travel stressful because of all the extra weight we had to drag around.

Always remember, unless you are going to no mans land, anything you forget can be bought while on holiday. So, don’t panic!

No matter where we go, we always make sure we have one baby carrier with us for quick ups and downs, cranky, sleepy moments and all the walking we plan to do. A bottle or sipper or cup to drink from and lots of healthy snacks. Holiday means change in routine which leads to hunger.

If your travel involves long flights, make sure you have enough material on you to distract and entertain a cramped up, bored kid. Be it books, toys or food! Before getting onto a flight, let your kids run around in the waiting lounge and tire themselves. This helps them sleep on the flight instead of getting restless and bored.

And most of all, no matter where you are, don’t feel guilty or ashamed if your kid runs around and makes noise. That is what kids are supposed to do. There will always be people who will give disapproving looks, but well, hopefully you never have to meet them again so just smile and move on.

Happy travels to you and your little monsters 🙂