Car seat is not just an accessory, it is a necessity


You use a car seat for you son? Not bad! Doesn’t he cry when you put him in it? My child refused to sit in it right from day 1. He/she would cry every time. Finally we just gave up. A total waste of money for us.

Wow, you actually keep your child in the car seat while driving? Why? All this is ok abroad, but in India we don’t need such fancy accessories. It is a marketing scam to get new parents to buy expensive stuff.

I am a safe driver. I don’t need to keep my child in a special car seat.

These are just a few of the conversations we have had with people who see us strapping our son in his car seat. Earlier i would try to argue and explain why even if it is not mandatory, car seats are absolutely necessary to keep your child safe. Now i just give my opinion on it once and leave it at that. After all, no parent likes to be told they are doing something wrong or questioned about their parenting ways.

We worry about everything our child eats or drinks. We make sure that we provide the safest environment for their growth. We do our best to provide a happy healthy childhood. Then why this ignorance towards car travel safety? Yes, babies will cry when put in it. They are born smart and know a car seat means they will be buckled up in one place. Even if your child is used to sitting in one from the very beginning, as they grow older, they will cry to be let out. Question is, when our child throws a tantrum for something that we know is not good for him, do we give in and let him have his way just because he cried? No, we don’t. Then why give in here?

I would just like to say, irrespective of the safety rules laid down by the government, us, as parents should make it a point to give car seats their due importance, not as an accessory but as a necessity! As they say, better safe than sorry!