Babywearing – a topic close to my heart


Babywearing is a concept followed from centuries and beyond. It is only now that it is getting popular amongst the young population. 

Ergonomic carriers were almost non existent in the Indian market till a few years ago. Today, we see a lot of options locally made available to us. It has been a wonderful journey watching this growth and the rapid awareness spreading around us.

I am a babywearing enthusiast and love to carry my son in different carriers and styles. I came across the concept of ergonomic babywearing when my baby was 4 months old and the only regret i have is that i didn’t know about it sooner.

Why do you carry your baby all the time? He will get used to it and you will have a tough time when he gets older.

You are hampering his growth process by carrying him in those sacs.

He can walk now, why do you still carry him?

These are a few questions i get asked almost on a daily basis from people i meet. Well, my answer to all of them is, my baby feels secure when he is held close. I feel calmer. There is nothing like spoiling them by loving them too much or making them feel safe and secure.

My son allows us to carry him when he wants to be carried. If it is a safe environment we are in and he wants to run around, we let him run  wild and tire himself. When he is done, he asks to be picked up.

What are the advantages of these carriers when you can very well carry them in your arms you may ask. Well, for starters, i can have my hands free to carry bags, run quick errands around the house or simply to not have tired arms at the end of the day!

When my son is restless and we are in a crowded place, i find it safer to have him close to me rather than struggle to run behind him or worry about his safety. Airport hauls are easier with the kid strapped on you. Travel becomes so much easier as the child can sleep whenever and wherever he wants to. This list is endless and only once you experience it, will you understand the depths of goodness behind it.

It has been proven that a kangaroo carry with your new born reduces colic in the baby, helps fight postpartum depression in mothers, helps stabilise breastfeeding – just to state a few points. My hope is to reach across to as many people as i can and spread the joy of babywearing. Kids grow up too fast so try to hold on to them as long as you can! It is not spoiling, it is called loving and caring 🙂