A few of my favourite things…

  If you are like me and have this obsessive compulsive need to be in control all the time, then you will empathise with me on this!
Yes, I often feel that no matter how great my husband is, I can take care of my child much better than him. I just know it! So even when he tries to help and give me a break, I can never relax because I am constantly worried that he won’t do it exactly like it is to be done. This feeling or shall I be honest with myself and say, this obsession has become worse over time.

Last week had been rough. The little fellow has discovered temper tantrums and can test even the calmest persons patience. After 3 days of battling with this new behaviour pattern, I gave up. I pushed everyone out of the house – yes – husband, dog and baby and had a glass of wine all by myself while enjoying the sweet silence around me. I forced myself not to think or worry about anything and I must say, it felt good to let go!

Parenting has brought many a firsts in my life and well, this one was no exception. So here is a big cheers to all those individuals who need to let go – whatever their baggage may be! I realise, it does feel good to switch off and not be responsible for a while 🙂