Truth about dogs and babies



We are often questioned about life with a dog and a baby. Our dog, Hazel, who incidentally turns 3 today came into our lives even before we thought of having a baby. So, when it was time for the baby to arrive, we were questioned by friends and acquaintances on how we would manage both and weren’t we worried about infections around the baby. I am so glad we stood firm on our decision to let the kids be themselves and learn to live together.

They are best friends. They play, they fight, they are jealous when we cuddle the other sibling but they love each other a great deal. Hazel gets very protective if a new person visits and is around her baby brother. She will hover around pretending to do her own thing, but have a keen eye on what is happening with the baby. If we scold the dog for something she did, Siddharth will rush there and put his arms around Hazel and tell us to go. Such is their love.

For anyone who is worried about infections the dog might bring in, well, all i can say is, my son has built great immunity thanks to this little fur ball who licks him all over. He is growing up to be compassionate towards animals, caring towards them. What more can i ask for in todays world. If a mild infection does comes along on the way, it will be a small price to pay for helping our son become a better human being. And well, to be honest, who knows what germs are lurking around everywhere we go! Why blame these little fur balls…

So for all who are in two minds about getting a pet after having a baby, or who have a pet but are worried about the arrival of their little ones, just let go your fears. Be around to supervise, but let them live and learn for themselves. It can never do either of them any harm. It will only be joy doubled to watch them grow together 🙂