Why The Owl Mama?

Hello! So i am often asked why i call myself the Owl Mama. Here is the answer plain and simple:I love to sleep! No, let me correct myself, i loved to sleep. When i was pregnant, friends who had babies would say, enjoy all the sleep you get right now. Once the baby comes, sleep will be out of the window. Then, naive as i was, i would say, oh I’m going to sleep train my baby from day 1. I won’t have any problems. I dreamt my little baby would be perfect. Would coo on cue, eat at proper intervals, sleep when i wanted it to and life wouldn’t change much for us. Ha! Believing in that had to be the biggest joke of my life!

Out came the baby, and oh my! He wanted to be fed almost all the time no matter if it was the day or night. After a month, i felt like i couldn’t carry on like this. To stay sane, eventually i would start dreaming big and imagine all the things i could do to kill time through those sleepless nights when the whole world seemed to be in peaceful slumber. One fine night, i  picked up my knitting needles and started knitting again to stay calm and there was born a mama who started loving the night. I felt alive and energised doing what i loved. The beautiful silence around me encourages me to think clearly, plan and execute ideas.

So, here i am, sharing with you all my learnings, my booboo moments and all things fun i have learnt through my two years of parenting. I look forward to learning from all of you readers as well, so do leave me your thoughts and suggestions as we go along this journey of self discovery and love.

Happy reading ๐Ÿ™‚